Jay’s Italian Olive Salad


Cost: $ 15.00 per Jar

This is the stuff all your friends are telling you about! It’s GREAT!! Basically its an olive salad, green Italian olives along with an assortment of chopped vegetables blended with olive oil. Can be used on an amazing amount of foods. Our favorite use? On our Muffuletta sandwich, you just don’t have a Muffuletta unless you have the salad!! Check out our Recipes page for great ideas!

**NOTE: Olives are machine pitted and may contain pit fragments**


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4 thoughts on “ORDER Salad”

  1. We bought a large jar of your Olive Salad at the Treasure Island Market. We have shared it with friends and family and everyone loves it. So glad we are able to order it on line!

  2. A dear friend gave me my first jar of Jay’s Italian Olive Salad. It is, by far, the BEST I have ever eaten (and I have tried them all)!! Plan to visit your store soon.

  3. Sue and Rich
    We purchased our first jar of Jay’s Italian Olive Salad at the Bradenton Market the summer of 2017. We purchased several bottles after the initial bottle and can’t get enough.

  4. I bought my first jar at Celebration market, my subsequent bottles both from the store and from the market at Wesley Chapel. I’m from Georgia and request my daughter- in-law get the olive salad each time I visit. She let me know I could order online, so just ordered 4 jars. I eat it as a snack. I love it!

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